Drift was conceived while exploring one of our true passions… the great outdoors! We asked ourselves, what beverage would be perfect at camp after a long hike? Or, a strenuous paddle down the river? How about when you are just relaxing on a sandy beach? Drift is a feeling… it’s going into a 3-day weekend. It’s a long exhale. It’s taking the boat out for an evening cruise. It’s the smell of wood smoke as you crank up the BBQ. It’s music… It’s a friend yelling “cannonball!” as they splash into the pool. Drift is the best way to compliment your passion for being outside.

Our founder’s extensive history in the artisan beverage industry and passion for quality ingredients inspired him to create Drift Cocktails. Higher-alcohol Drift canned cocktails support a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing quality of ingredients. Our family owned company was created for people who care about what they are consuming, who makes the brands they love, and how they a act the planet we live on.

Whether you’re enjoying a concert, hiking, boating, surfing or camping in the great outdoors, Drift delivers convenience, quality, taste, and ABV, evoking a sense of relaxation and refreshment wherever you drink it.


Using The Best to Create The Best!

The corn for our vodka is sourced from North Carolina farms; sugarcane and blackstrap come from the Virgin Islands and Jamaica; and tequila originates in Mexico. Only American manufacturers make our packaging. As for fruit, we use a North Carolina wholesaler who has a ratified standard of quality for organic produce, sourced from around the world, with the majority coming from Florida or Mexico.

Please Drift Responsibly. Craft Cocktails with Natural Flavor and Carbonation | 7% Alc. BY VOL. 12 FL OZ. 355 ML